Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Time, No See!

Wow! Have I been a slacker when it comes to this blog.
Since becoming pregnant, I've been searching the internet for baby & mama supplies. I found one of my favorite mama supplies today!
Hooter Hiders!
Of course I've seen nursing covers before, but these are adorable, and I must admit the name sold me.

I guess this nursing cover has received several awards and featured on television.
It's on my list of must treat myself.

Check out the Bebe au Lait site for these and they have some super cute burp clothes and more.

I'm also a big fan of car seat canopies. As many of you that know me IRL, I am a germaphobe. I'm cool with germs from animals, people I know, etc...but when it comes to "strangers"...stay back!! I want to politely protect my baby from germy strangers...and I think this is a great solution. While also protecting our wintertime baby from rain & the cold.
(on a side note...I totally am going to freak out when strange people touch my belly...I don't know if I will freeze or bite their head off).
I thought this canopy was really cute from hblackberry on etsy. There are a TON of cute ones on etsy...gotta love it!

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  1. Love the hooter hiders Jess! I have two of them and they work great to cover the baby in the stroller or car seat too! Although I do like the car seat cover you found. So excited for you to become a mommy!