Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toner + Acetone = Art

I came across the most fantastic method for custom art on Twice Remembered.
You've got to check it out....I'm loving this idea and using letters for the transfer. The steps are easy, but she said it takes some practice.
Find an image you like, print it on a printer that prints with toner (print a mirror image), place face down on your service and use acetone and a cotton ball to transfer the image. It kind of reminds me of how you transfer temporary tattoos...but way cooler!
 Check out her blog for step by step instructions and photos.

I'm going to be trying this method as soon as I get through the pile of decor stuff I have stashed away....frames etc.

I told myself, no more collecting until I get some projects finished.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


and yes, Mr. Brown and I dance every night :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

weekend getaway.

Craig and I took off this weekend to Central Oregon. We were both in need of a mental pick-me-up, and this part of the state always does the trick.
The highlight of our trip was hiking Smith Rock.

We hiked Misery Ridge {that's right I said "misery" :)} It was tough, it was beautiful and very rewarding. Even though I haven't seen much difference in the scale, this really demonstrated that I'm getting more and more in shape {Thank you Jan Vandahey!}
This isn't a picture I took, but it shows the hike from the top {honestly, the backside of the hike was the most difficult...the descent...little pebbl-y rock and steep...poor Craig had a stage 5 clinger on his hands!}

Smith Rock is known for it's rock climbing...
Craig got in the spirit! :)

View from the top.
Craig running off on his own while I take a break.
{I love this green on this rock}
It was so great to have a mini-vakay, but I'm glad to be home, to my own bed...and my fan {I can't sleep without the fan going...and I forgot to bring it!} So I'm off to bed...goodnight!! :)