Monday, January 25, 2010

motivation monday.

Monday's are rough! So I've decided to take a minute every Monday, to motivate me to get me excited about the week ahead. Attitude is all in your noodle, I say!
So here are some things that are motivating me today...

I've decided to start Weight Watchers. Medifast works, but is semi-torturous and Atkins, well, doesn't have enough limits on my caloric intake, soo....I gained 3 lbs last week. That ain't happening again sister!
I'm totally motivated and relaxed about my weightloss right now. I know that this is a healthy lifestyle, and honestly, it feels so much more "normal" than other diets. Craig and I want babies, but we want to lose a little more weight (Craig wants to bulk up and be a tough lookin' daddy) :)
I will keep you updated!

This pendant is fabulous. It's from MarKhed on Etsy. They use transparencies to layer their pendants.
I have a soldering kit, but am never quite sure where to go with it...I now have a little direction.
They have a whole series on different cities around the world.
The Paris ones are to die for {they have pretty transparent red hearts over photographs!}

I got a sewing machine!! <3 Yay!
I made some really quick and easy pillows, which was the most fun EVER!
My goal is to start making quilts. I think they are beautiful, traditional, and if made right could last for generations.
I of course am loving Amy Butler's Fabric {but who isn't!?}

I love art.
I was an art major.
I should create art.
I WANT to create art.
While I was an art major, I never took a painting class....can you believe it!? It wasn't required.
{this is because my focus areas were graphic design and printmaking}

I am thinking of making something simple like this for our bedroom. I found out recently {yesterday} that Craig does not like headboards because he likes to "hug" the mattress when he sleeps. I'm going to have to be creative.
I like's minimal, but cozy and special.

Ahh...I actually do feel motivated. Now if there were only more hours in the day! <3


  1. I just got a soldering kit too! We should get together and ACTUALLY have a craft day!

    :) love that print too!

    would die to see your sewing projects!


  2. p.s. add the following feature please?

  3. the following feature? I'm lost...or not thinking straight!:)